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National Certificate in Hospitality (Quick Service Restaurants) (Level 2)

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National Certificate in Hospitality (Quick Service Restaurants) - (Level 2) 

This qualification is for people who work in a crew role in a quick service restaurant. 

The compulsory section of the qualification covers the skills and knowledge related to working safely, food safety, personal presentation, informing customers, performing crew duties, assembling food, cleaning, serving customers, providing takeaway food and packing food orders. 

This covers essential skills also required in the food and beverage service industry.  This qualification, therefore, shares many standards in common with the National Certificate in Hospitality (Food and Beverage Service) (Level 2) with strands in Counter Food Service, Takeaway Food Service, Table Food Service, Buffet Food Service, and Beverage Service.  The elective section of the qualification enables candidates to select specific standards that compliment their specific job roles in the brand organisation.

This qualification can lead onto:

  • National Certificate in Hospitality (Quick Service Restaurants) (Level 3)
  • National Certificate in Hospitality (Quick Service Restaurants) (Level 4)

How long should it take?

It is reasonable to expect people to complete the programme within 9 months.

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