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Bars and Clubs

National Certificate in Hospitality (Bars and Clubs) - (Level 3)

This qualification is for people who are starting work or working in the bar and club sectors of the hospitality industry. This sector of the industry covers establishments that provide mainly alcoholic beverages. The skills and knowledge required by this sector are not usually shared by the restaurant and cafe sectors.

The compulsory section of the qualification covers the knowledge and skills related to providing beverage services, maintaining personal presentation and greeting customers, providing sales and service opportunities and maintaining a responsible drinking environment.

The elective section of the qualification enables candidates to select standards from the Food and Beverage Service, Food Safety, Hospitality – Gambling, Hospitality – Generic, and Hospitality – Specific Skills domains that suit their roles and type of establishment.

This qualification can lead on from:

  • National Certificate in Hospitality (Entry Skills) [Ref: 1257]
  • National Certificate in Service Sector (Level 3) with strands in Beauty Services; Hospitality; Recreation, Sport, and Fitness; Retail and Tourism [Ref:1513]

This qualification can lead onto:

  • National Certificate in Hospitality (Operations Supervision) (Level 4) with strands in Food and Beverage Service; Gaming; Accommodation; and Front Office [Ref: 0882]


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