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Basic Cookery

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National Certificate in Hospitality (Basic Cookery) - (Level 3)   

This qualification recognises the competence, knowledge, and skills required for cooking food dishes and working with the main food ingredients in a commercial kitchen.  It is awarded to people who are able to demonstrate, under supervision the ability to prepare dishes from fresh produce and to cook dishes at an operational level using a range of basic preparation techniques, cookery methods, and finishing techniques.  Limited use of pre-prepared and ready-prepared food occurs at this level.
To provide choices for people wishing to take this qualification, elective unit standards are included so candidates can choose unit standards that best fit their establishment’s facilities and menu range.

The holder will have demonstrated the skills and knowledge required to:

  • Cook a variety of different dishes across each of the main food groups/types
  • Comply with health and safety legislation
  • Minimise wastage; practice food safety methods

The holder will also have demonstrated knowledge of:

  • Food contamination hazards and the methods used to control them
In addition, the holder will have demonstrated a range of interpersonal, personal presentation, customer care, numeracy, literacy, and teamwork skills required by workers in a commercial kitchen.  This qualification is a progression from the National Certificate in Hospitality (Introductory Cookery) (Level 2) [Ref: 0552]. 

This qualification provides a pathway to:

  • National Certificate in Hospitality (Cookery) (Level 4) [Ref: 0554]
There is some commonality between the compulsory components of the level 2, 3 and 4 qualifications.

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