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Business Management

National Diploma in Hospitality (Business Management) - (Level 5)

This qualification is intended for experienced managers across a diverse range of businesses with a hospitality focus. Such people would likely be or have been managing a business, rather than a business unit within a large enterprise. Candidates completing this qualification require a high degree of practical experience acquired over an extended period of time in a management position. This national diploma is not designed for a formal learning programme in a learning institution or establishment.

The compulsory section of the qualification covers management skills in the area of:

  • Staff rosters
  • Food and beverage management
  • Facility utilisation
  • Management control systems
  • Purchasing

Elective A covers areas related to business management skills and enables candidates to select specific standards that will meet the requirements of their job roles. Elective B covers areas related to people management and enables candidates to select specific standards required for interacting with staff and internal and external customers.

This qualification can lead on from:

  • National Certificate in Hospitality (Specialist Food and Beverage Service) (Level 4) with strands in Advanced Food Service, Advanced Beverage Service, Advanced Wine Service, and Guéridon and Silver Service [Ref: 0915]
  • The proposed National Certificate in Hospitality (Hotel Reservations) (Level 4)
  • National Certificate in Hospitality (Operations Supervision) (Level 4) with strands in Food and Beverage Service, Gaming, Accommodation, and Front Office [Ref: 0882]
  • National Certificate in Hospitality (Professional Cookery) (Level 4) with strands in Pasta and Rice, Pâtisserie, Larder, and Fish and Shellfish [Ref: 0554]

People currently working in operational management positions in the hospitality industry and who wish to have their knowledge and skills recognised are advised to consider the attainment of the National Diploma in Hospitality (Operational Management) (Level 5) with strands in Kitchen Management, Food and Beverage Management, and Rooms Division Management [Ref: 1245].

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