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2016 Resource Order Close Off Dates

Please note that final orders for ServiceIQ resource materials for 2016 will be 5.00pm Monday 12 December 2016. We will reopen for orders from 8.30am Monday 23 January 2017. 

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National Diploma in Hospitality (Management) - (Level 5)

The holder of this qualification will have a sound knowledge of underpinning management theory as applicable to the hospitality industry and will be able to perform core, practical activities at an operational level.

This qualification is intended for people with no prior experience in hospitality but who wish to acquire broad knowledge and understanding of the operational divisions of this sector. The knowledge and understanding gained through attaining this qualification will provide sound preparation for entry into management-level positions within the hospitality industry, particularly in the areas of Food and Beverage Service, Accommodation, and Kitchen Production. 

People awarded this qualification will be capable of:

  • Leading a small team and/or managing a small business unit within a large establishment
  • Applying management theory to operational situations as they arise
  • Provide high levels of customer service through the direct provision of operational service.

Special Notes:

This qualification is designed for a provider environment. It is expected that significant workplace experience will be incorporated into the provider’s learning programmes either through facilities available on the provider’s premises and/or through directed and/or self- directed work placements.

The selection of credits to meet the elective requirements will largely be determined by each provider through the design of their own learning programmes to meet national and local skill needs. Providers developing programmes of learning should be cognisant of the need in the hospitality sector for the development of broad management abilities such as:

  • Use of computers
  • Financial management and planning
  • Quality management and improvement
  • People development
  • Resources administration and management
People currently working in management positions in the hospitality industry and who wish to have their knowledge and skills recognised are advised to consider the National Diploma in Hospitality (Business Management) (Level 5) [Ref: 0883].

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